Urbane RäuMe und FreiFlächen Flexibel Gestalten

FLEXDEX®, flexibel einsetzbare, terassenähnliche Plattformen zur Schaffung fehlender Infrastruktur vor allem aber zur Verbesserung der Klima-, Lebens- und Aufenthaltsqualität städtischer Räume

An important goal of climate-adapted urban planning is to improve and secure the quality of stay in public spaces. By reusing and reclaiming parking areas, street space and open spaces, public recreational areas can be created or upgraded in urban neighborhoods.

Even previously unusable (brownfield and roof) areas can be developed with the flexible FLEXDEX® concept.

In this way, complementary attractions can be built for local residents and social neighborhood development can be promoted. Differently equipped FLEXDEX® offer demand-oriented solutions with the possibility of integrating sports and exercise areas, green oases, meeting places and cultural offerings.


FLEXDEX® are self-sufficient and self-contained units that are modular in design, can be combined in any number and shape, and are as flexible - as the name suggests.

FLEXDEX® can be installed wherever there is a need. They are suitable for upgrading and redesigning public spaces, creating complementary attractions and open spaces for residents, and supporting social and health-promoting measures by communities or companies.


FLEXDEX® do not require any construction work; the only prerequisite for uncomplicated installation is a load-bearing, level surface. Relocation is possible at any time and without great effort using a lift truck.

To compensate for unevenness or to ensure a seamless connection to existing surfaces, for example the sidewalk, the platforms are equipped with height-adjustable feet.

Of course there are different basic shapes, setups and designs - we start with our product lines: relax, parkour and mobility. More information > PRODUCTS


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Coffee Bean


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Do something for your health! Stretching, mobility exercises, yoga or health sports. Whether alone, in a guided group or with the support of a fitness app, the MobilityDEX, with or without equipment, always offer the right setting.

Sporty challenge or playful movement training, the parkour movement landscape offers incentives for many age and user groups, beginners & advanced and also allows relaxed "hanging out" for in between.

Just sit, lie down, rest, talk, chill - meet with friends, colleagues or neighbors; RelaxDEX invite all ages to stay, relax and forget time with their comfortable and quick-drying cork seating/lounging/flooring surface.

Street furniture objects are perfect for


FLEXDEX® bieten Unternehmen die Chance temporäre Räume für Mitarbeiter, Gäste, Kunden und Besucher zu gestalten; ob Unternehmensfitness, Pausentreff, Informationsplattform, Veranstaltungsergänzung oder alternativer Arbeitsplatz – die unterschiedlichen Ausstattungsvarianten lassen eine Vielzahl an Ideen schnell zur Realität werden.

(Sport) associations

As a short-term extension of the sporting possibilities, alternative option in case of lack of hall capacity, outdoor training in the summer months or space for recreation and regeneration - the many superstructures and equipment solutions of the FLEXDEX® make this possible quickly and easily.

Educational Institutions

Retreat, meeting place, playground, supplementary outdoor play and sports facilities or temporary exhibition space - the platform-based equipment provides the required infrastructure at short notice. FLEXDEX® are suitable for all age groups and many areas of application, e.g. university sports.

Cities & Communities

Whether for the temporary redesign of street space, the greening & upgrading of unattractive areas, in the context of social neighborhood development or the short-term interim use of open spaces - the modular FLEXDEX® platforms are a permanently flexible, mobile solution and enable a timely and cost-effective implementation without construction measures.

Quality & Sustainability

Clever design, high-quality production "made in Germany" and honest, as environmentally friendly as possible materials as well as the reduction to a few materials (cork/wood/steel/stainless steel) create products with a long service life, low maintenance and high recyclability with a low Co² balance.

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