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Parkour landscape

ParkourDEX are inspired by the sport of Parkour and are ideal for getting people moving due to their low-threshold, challenging design.

A pre-configured, three- or six-part platform set is available that can be combined with other modules of the hexgonal series and thus expanded.

Parkour as an urban sport means interpreting one's surroundings to create new challenges.

Whether simple or complex movement landscape, the ParkourDEX invite athletes and movement-interested beginners alike to move creatively and guarantee long-lasting user fun.



  • pre-configured set of 3 or 6 modules
  • developed in collaboration with parkour pioneers and educators
  • mobile and modular parkour training system
  • can be combined with other product series
  • expandable at any time with additional modules or accessories
  • modular compound for maximum theft protection
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • height adjustable feet guarantee safe stand
  • lifting truck mount for easy relocation & transport
  • Accessories - bench and planter - available
  • use of high quality materials
  • complies with the DIN EN 16899 standard for sports and leisure facilities
  • parkour constructions for users from 8 years


    The ParkourDEX can be combined with other modules of the hexagonal series, the RelaxDEX. These are available in three coordinated heights (15/35/55cm).

    Material & Equipment

    The sturdy, galvanized and powder-coated steel structure is covered with a floor covering of solid wooden planks. Just like the wooden structures, they are made of larch or Douglas fir as standard; FSC® certified hardwoods are also available on request.

    Height-adjustable feet on the underside of the platform ensure stable standing and compensate for unevenness or slight slopes of the ground. Thanks to a forklift / pallet truck mount, all elements can be easily moved and transported.


    Matching benches and planters are available to complement the product line. The bench is available with either a wood or cork top. All planters have an easy-to-fill, integrated water reservoir to minimize staff and maintenance requirements, especially during the hot summer months.



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